Most Popular BioHacks

The late CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, predicted a wellness revolution when he said the greatest innovations in the 21st century will be at the crossroad of technology and biology. Biohacking is all about knowing yourself. Workouts, weigh-ins, steps climbed, distance walked, REM cycles, and so on are tracked. In effect, every move that you make is tracked. When you have all the information about yourself, you will be able to get to know yourself better. Most of the popular biohacks rely on the latest technologies, like Nike's accelerometers. The best thing about tracking yourself is that the data can be used to increase your biological potential. Following are some of the most popular biohacks.

Improving Sleep Habits

Quality sleep is important for your overall well-being. Lack of sleep or poor quality sleep can play havoc with your physical, mental, and emotional health. You can use a sleep tracking app, like the Sleep Cycle, to monitor your sleep quality. Based on the data/information, you will be able to adjust your sleep pattern. You will also be able to work out what exactly is hindering your sleep, like, maybe the intake of caffeine at night or watching TV till late night.

Heart Rate Variability Training

Using a biofeedback device, like emWave2, you will be able to gain awareness about your body's physiological function. It is not about simply monitoring your heart rate, but using your breathing pattern and your brain to control the heart rate. Over time, you will be able to master the technique. Meditation can help to reduce anxiety, and stress. It can promote productivity.

Whole Body Vibration

According to biohackers, WBV training is one of the best ways to shake up your body. It can be a good alternative to your everyday workout routine. Olympians and professional athletes are already using this technique to improve stability and strength, lose weight quickly, and to increase the response of the hormones to workout.

Intermittent Fasting

This technique promotes eating only when you are hungry, against grazing throughout the day. This means even skipping a meal if you are not hungry. The technique favors long periods without food. It is more of a pattern than a diet. The goal is improved sensitivity to insulin, speedy fat loss, and protein synthesis.

Incorporating Butter In Coffee

The technique involves putting grass-fed, organic butter in your coffee, and mixing all with a tablespoon of coconut oil or MCT (medium chain triglyceride). It will help you to remain hunger-free for hours. It will improve your mental performance. MCT, broken down into ketones, can be a good fuel source for the brain.

Keep in mind that it is always wise to check with your dietitian first before altering your diet.
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