Evolution of Humanity

The measure of man's growth and development can be traced through medical advancements that have happened over the years. The civilizations that lived longer, grew better. Through the last two or three decades, however, it can be safely said that medical sciences have advanced to levels that have surpassed every projection and expectation of the scientific community.

A lot of the things we see today are as close to science fiction as they can get. In that regard, biohacking takes a special place. Apart from the totally cool sounding term, not many people actually know what it is and how it has helped in taking a person's quality of life to the next level. 

What is Biohacking?

In the simplest terms, biohacking is the process of taking complete and total care of the body and making it work for you. It is a way to hack into the biology of the human body and modifying it in ways that work for you without causing any adverse effects to your health.

While a lot of it takes a good amount of time and effort, in some cases the simple intake of a nootropic supplement can help you achieve the same effects. More advanced ways involve scientists devising clever and often complex genetic sequencing methods to make the body function a certain way.

How Can It Be Done? 

Depending on what you are trying to achieve, you may need to master management techniques that range from physical to medical and even electronic supplementation. The most popular, and most basic form of Biohacking involves controlling the body and 'making it better' through simple physical exercise. Self improvement is the keyword here, this can mean physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, or even economical.

All of the above can be achieved through simple devices, self control, hard work and some medication. There are more extreme forms of biohacking that involve people literally implanting electronics into their bodies, things ranging from sensors to RFID tags, NFC chips and other like devices. They are still uncommon are known as grinders in the Biohacking community.

Biohacking can make you an objectively better self when compared to who you were previously. You are likely to become stronger, more confident, fit, healthy and a more emotionally in check person. If you are interested in learning about how this process works, including nootropics, go through the rest of this site for more information.   

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