Fitness Enhances Mental Performance

Fitness is an essential part of healthy living. In fact, as far as Biohacking goes, getting fit is and still remains the most popular. Getting your body to perform above the normal standard that it gives itself is a hack, and it always makes your self and soul feel better.

There is really no downside to fitness and getting into a fitness regiment. While we are all aware of the physical effects of exercise, there are a number of mental performance enhancements that also go with it. Here are a few such enhancements that you can give your body and get your mind also into it.

Our brains are capable of immense things, but we rarely put all of it to use. It was a popular belief that we use only a certain percentage of our brain's processing power, it is not true, but it is true that the way your brain performs can be enhanced.


Exercise helps the brain both directly as well as indirectly. First off, exercise can make growth happen. While some of it is easily apparent like the biceps and other large muscles, there is a certain amount growing happening in the brain as well. It does not mean that your head will get larger, but there is a marked improvement in the brain's ability to repair and replace cells.

All of this can lead to better memory. That is the direct effect. The indirect effect is the release of hormones that make you feel better, lifting your spirits and relaxing you. The brain functions better when there is less stress and a good amount of exercise can do just this. There are studies that have found that those who exercise regularly have the prefrontal cortex, the memory part of the brain to be of slightly larger volume.

Fresh Ideas and Motivation

Once exercising becomes a part of your day to day life, you will see for yourself how your mental performance has gotten better. Your ideas flow freely, you are able to concentrate more and your life is a little less stressful. That is the very essence of Biohacking. Making you function better by adjusting your body to work for you.

A lot of the above-mentioned things can be applied to everyday people. You will be able to get better results if you pair your fitness regiment aimed at mental performance with nootropic supplements.

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