How Are Smart Drugs Different?

There are a number of drugs, illicit or otherwise that claim to make your mind and brain work better and faster. This includes coffee and energy drinks, which are supposed to clear out the mind and help you focus. 

There are other hard drugs that can supposedly open up your mind by giving you a high. Smart drugs do none of those things. In fact most, or almost all of these drugs have one major drawback and that is the aftereffects.

If you are a student or have been one, a coffee fueled all-nighter will almost always leave you feeling pulled down and drained after the high wears off. That is a temporary thing and not something that is advised long-term.

Smart Drugs and How They Differ

Smart drugs are any supplementation, nootropic or otherwise that enhance cognitive function. They will not give you a high like hard drugs and are typically not addictive. What they aid in is making your brain function in a better way. They can help you recall facts with more accuracy, be more creative, help you concentrate, and even make your analytical skills better. 

Overall, they help with making the brain a lot healthier. As a result, you end up working on a higher plane. Smart drugs can be fine-tuned to work on specific functions of the brain as well. In the nootropic circles, smart drugs are those that interact with the chemistry of the brain and enhance the way it functions and works on a day to day level. 

It is a focused, chemistry-aided form of biohacking. Every brain function is aided by some sort of chemical or compound secreted in the brain, affecting thinking and other cognitive skills. What smart drugs do is aid these chemicals and work directly with them, leading to controlled enhancements. So memory and recalling abilities can be dealt with separately from other cognitive functions, for example.

The human brain is the single most complicated biological setup known to man. It has infinite connections and they each have their own functions. Finding the common points and the way they function is how researchers stumbled upon these brain chemicals and they are responsible for everything from memory to dreams and even mood.

Nootropic smart drugs work on them to help the user reap only positive benefits, all without giving you that downer that most other drugs and even simple coffee may give you.

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