Expanding Scope of Biohacking

Biohacking as it is known is a way to take what we have in the way of our body, senses, and talents and expands them, enabling them go into overdrive. It is comparable to upgrading a computer, with both software and hardware enhancements.

Biohacking as a concept is relatively new, but people have been employing ways and means of making themselves better in many ways for thousands of years now. 

Project Cyborg

It can be called one of the first human- technology interfaces that made the concept popular. 

The work of Professor Kevin Warwick from the University of Reading was astounding for its time. The concept of hacking the body was then seen as abnormal and even borderline unethical. He had implants in his body that opened and locked doors, unlocked computers and few such basic activities. 

He claimed that the body will eventually take up the chip as one of its own and adapt to it. When two or more of the chips interact with each other, it was, he claimed a form of electronic telepathy. 

Creating Biological Organs

While transplants are well and good, the person will end up taking rejection medication for the rest of their lives as the body will constantly see the organ as a foreign body. One way to get over this loophole will be to create organs based on the patient's own DNA. 

Reprogrammed bacteria and other organisms can build biological material. We can now literally grow fully functional organs in a lab that will perform like a brand new replacement that will automatically become a part of the recipient’s body. 

It may seem like science fiction, but it is one of the most promising biohacking procedures out there. Apart from organs, blood vessels, arteries and other such body parts can also be 'grown' or printed. 


Not all biohacking procedures deal with reprogramming DNA. Implanting magnetic materials within the body in the right places like in the fingertips has helped people in various curious ways. 

Called wetware updates, they can do simple tasks like pick up objects, but also become a part of the body's functions in some way. Practitioners, called grinders, claim that the body starts interacting with them giving them an almost extra sense. Users feel the difference in a few weeks, they claim it feels like they are part of 'the force'. 

While most of these are still in early stages of development, its only going to get better, we've only gotten started!

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