Are Religious Experiences a Result of Biohacking?


Dr. Michael Persinger is a neuroscience expert. He and his colleague have created a helmet-like device that has been dubbed the 'God helmet' because of the seemingly otherworldly, mystical experiences it causes. People claim to have had out-of-body experiences when they were using the helmet.

Dr. Persinger says that these affects are true (but they are psychological, nothing extra sensory about them) and that it was made possible by stimulating the temporal lobes of the body. The God Helmet has become popular and has even been featured in a number of documentaries.

How does it work?

The device contains a number of magnetic field stimulator devices that activate the brain from the outside, triggering visions and experiences in the user. Subjects are brought into a dark room, blindfolded and are sat down. The God Helmet is then fitted on the person's head. The magnetic fields are manipulated in a certain way and once it is reaches the right frequency, people start to experience things.

Almost 80% of the subjects immediately felt there was something or someone in the room with them watching them. Dr. Persinger calls it 'sensed presence'. Some of the subjects compared the effect to a religious experience.

Is it a true Biohack?

That is entirely up to debate. Biohacking is normally centered around making the body and mind work better. Cognitive enhancers, nootropics, smart drugs, and supplementation can improve mental performance. The God Helmet seems to be doing none of that. On the other hand it is an interesting invention that can finally answer many feelings, experiences, and other visions that people have claimed to feel or see.

Its validity and long term usage is still under research. In the near future, it may even become possible that an instrument that works like the God Helmet is able to pass on information directly to a person's mind. It may even be possible to give people memories that may or may not have happened.

The God helmet was created to explain how the brain perceives direct external stimuli and more ambitiously, to prove that religion and out of body experiences are nothing but magnetic waves hitting the right brain centers. Whether that actually be true or not is up for debate and some even claim that the God Helmet is a sham. What it holds in the field of biohacking is still interesting and something that is noteworthy.

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