What You Should Know About Pre workout Supplementation

Pre workout supplementation is likely something that you have considered taking, especially before hitting the gym or some kind of other athletic/physical event. Before we dive too far into it though, it’s worth underscoring and stating that working out and getting healthy and fit is one of the most basic forms of biohacking. Technically speaking, anything you do to optimize and make your body and mind more effective is biohacking, so a good exercise and supplementation regimen definitely qualifies.

Working out can help reduce stress, keep the body healthy, and facilitate an improved mind-set. Pre workout supplements are certainly a smart addition to help improve all that then, right? They have the potential to increase the intensity of a workout and make you work harder, but is that it? Here are a few things that you should know about pre workout supplements before you go out spending all your money on them.

How They Work

Pre workouts are a class of sports supplements usually taken before athletic activity to increase performance and work by promoting an increase in: strength, energy, stamina, and muscle building potential. There are a number of different types of pre workout supplements on the market today. For the most part, each formula is a complex mixture of a number of different ingredients.

The one thing that is most common with most of them however, is caffeine. High concentrations of caffeine can help increase mental clarity, energy, and endurance; caffeine has been clinically proven to reduce the feeling of ‘effort’ when performing strength training. It’s similar to drinking a lot of coffee in one sitting, three to four cups worth – depending on the pre workout of choice. Creatine, Beta-Alanine and other amino acid boosting ingredients are also often found in these types of supplements, which are a very integral part of muscle tissue.

A more common trend is the addition of nootropics to pre workout formulas. Companies and athletes are now realizing the importance and value that added mental focus brings to the table. Because many quality nootropic ingredients help to increase mental focus and stamina, that can translate to improved mind-muscle connection and better muscle contractions.

Should You Take Pre workout Supplements Then?

That depends entirely on what you your goals are. Every workout is different and every person’s goals are a bit different. Some people may be after more muscle mass, some may want to lose weight, and others might simply want to build stamina and overall health. Each of those things should be approached differently and if you would like to take supplements for them, they each have their own separate formulas.

Finding the right formula to help aid you in what you want to achieve in the long term is what matters. It’s really important to educate yourself on different ingredients, what their intended purposes are and how you can capitalize on them. Supplements are very situational. You want to take the one that is designed and formulated to fit your specific situation and goals.

One thing you have to remember though, with any kind of supplement, is that they are there to simply aid you in the workout, not replace it – that’s why they are called supplements. You still have to put in the effort, pay up with sweat and calories; that is the only way to get results. It still takes hard work and dedication. Nothing works unless you do!

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