Biohacking Your Migraines

Migraines is the third most prevalent illness in the world. In the US, one out of every four households has at least one person suffering from migraines. The spread is quite even, with children and adults affected. The most affected age group is between the ages 25 and 55. All of those stats are taken from the Migraine Research Foundation's website. Now, the thing is that patients are normally given heavy drugs and painkillers to counter the pain that they feel. While helpful, intake of migraine medication can be habit-forming and can wreck your body in other ways.

Biohacking techniques can be used to combat migraine pain. Chronic headaches affect too many people for it to not garner the attention of researchers. It has been found that headaches have certain triggers that can be food or mood based. When a person eats chocolate, drinks alcohol or consumes other foods, a migraine can be triggered. The question that still needs an answer, however, is why this happens. Scientists are yet to figure out exactly why we get them.

Biohacking Your Way Through a Migraine

One of the simplest hacks that you can and should try involves you treating your entire head as one complete unit. So just because the pain is at one location, it does not automatically mean only that part is affected. Everything from your jaw to the top of your head may be a contributor.


Improve motion with this simple hack. The movement is intended to work on the base of the skull. Tuck your chin in tightly as you sit up straight with a neutral spine position. Next, place two fingers at the base of your skull. Then move your neck forward. You should do this without the help of your hands, they are there only as guidance. Then quickly pull your head back, the movement should look like a chicken walking along. You should feel a stretch at the base of your skull. Repeat five times, there should be no pain or strain when you move this way. Once you've done this, the next step is to move your head slightly to the left and then to the right. 15 to 20 degrees should do it, this will isolate the muscles to the left and right side leading to your spine.

There are a number of different biohacking techniques that complement the above mentioned method, keep watching this space to learn more.

While the above mentioned hack can be tried by most people, it is wise to first speak to your doctor before you discontinue any supplements or prescribed medication.
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