Biohacking 101: The Best Nootropic Stacks

When we talk about biohacking, we are talking about purposefully altering the way our normal biology functions and optimizing our selves. In the scope of this particular post, we aren’t going to go down the road of cybernetic implants (which would be really cool…), or implanting microchips in the brain. Rather, we’re going to stick to the more “traditional” or natural biohacking techniques which can help to increase human performance.

One such way is to improve cognitive performance. This practice often involves taking supplements that are generally referred to as nootropics. These “smart drugs” come in both natural and synthetic forms (although most ingredients are ultimately derived from plants and minerals).

Gaining Popularity
The use of nootropics has been on sharp rise - insert mental image of a hockey stick graph. By some accounts, more than 10% of college and graduate students are now, well, partaking. Other young, highly motivated people are using them to improve their performance in all kinds of industries and ways. This movement is gaining popularity. From budding stars in the world of finance to groundbreaking tech startup founders and entrepreneurs, nootropics are fast becoming a hot topic in the worlds of business and education.

So, some might say that when you are taking nootropics that you are officially biohacking yourself. You are using external data and legal substances to alter and advance your normal performance levels.

Can I get a Boost?
And, why not? Isn’t it true that millions of recent college graduates are trying to land a job, or keep a job? The tech world is cut-throat. Many jobs are project-based or temporary in nature. So, as an employee, you are looking for any and all helpers to keep you on that payroll.

Entrepreneurs are seeking similar enhancements as they struggle not to be relevant but to be dominant. To be leaders. To make some serious cash. Silicon Valley is loaded with people that are loading up on the best nootropics stacks available in an effort to get the edge.

What are the Benefits?
Within the realm of nootropics, there are all kinds of different targeted outcomes. Broadly speaking, nootropics can enhance a person mentally, emotionally, or in terms of energy. Some people take a slim number of nootropics in order to reach a specific result. Others take a number of these supplements (stacks) in order to see wider and varied results.

The taking of multiple supplements simultaneously is known as stacking. Stacking can go in a number of directions with varying degrees of success. No single supplement effects any two people in exactly the same way. And each stack has a unique effect on every single user, as well.

Stacks begin at a rather simple level but can become much more complex very easily. Probably the most common, entry-level stack is Caffeine + L-Theanine. The caffeine will give energy and focus, but will also make you feel jittery, as we all know. The L-theanine balances out the caffeine and helps to alleviate the potential jittery feeling. 

How complex can these mixes become? Well, it is not uncommon for users to stack up to 15 compounds at one time. It is very much a game of trial and error. It is tweaking, adding, and removing.

This is why we have taken all of the guess-work out of the equation by formulating only the best yielding stacks available, and doing so while providing you 100% label transparency so you know exactly what is included and how much.

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