Building a Better You: Why Nootropics Are Big Business


Do you ever feel incapable of accomplishing must-do tasks? Do deadlines scare you? Do they stress you out? Worse, do you miss deadlines sometimes? Or, do you feel like you aren’t successfully handling the workload that is on your plate?

Many of us are seeking a little extra help in our efforts to be successful. The good news is that now you have access to some extra help...some enhancers for your mind. They are known as “nootropics.” While they may be new to you, they aren’t new. Cultures all over the world have been using nootropics for centuries.

Staying on task at work has never been harder. Emails, text, Instagram and a host of other distracting messages are rolling in every minute. Calls are coming in. Your computer screen has a ton of open windows. Or, for many, you have multiple computer screens with a ton of open windows. So much data flowing everywhere you look. And you are racing to get more done in less time than ever. You need help.

Sometimes the word “enhancement” can carry a negative stigma with it. And, sometimes with good reason. For example, if you are riding in the Tour de France, you know the rules. You know what you can and cannot put into your body. And certain enhancements are not allowed. Why are they not allowed? Two reasons. First, they can give you an unfair advantage over your opponent. Second, they are banned because (brace yourself) they work.

Enhancements come in different forms and accomplish different tasks. Nootropics are enhancers for your brain. They are often referred to as “smart drugs.” And these enhancements are being used by some people that might surprise you. Students at our top universities and graduate schools are using them to keep up with their classes and to get high grades. Business leaders, civic leaders and entrepreneurs of all kinds have found nootropics provide them with a needed boost and use them on a regular basis.

What benefits are users finding? Users of nootropics report that they think more clearly. That their mind is moving faster with more crispness. The feeling of sluggishness is alleviated. The cobwebs are cleared out. Users claim that they retain information easier, that they remember more detail, and that they can process more quickly.

In the tech industry, speed is the name of the game. Competition is intense and everyday you’re in a race to be first. Every hour matters. Sleep, rest and breaks are unwelcome and can cost you millions Every possible edge is needed to get and stay ahead. Many tech leaders are using nootropics to give them the edge that they need.

Other stimulants
Most people are using stimulants on a daily basis. Coffees, teas, and energy drinks are being used by everyone to the tune of billions of dollars each year. But, how do these stimulants compare with nootropics? Most users of nootropics say that the buzz they get is better, lasts longer, doesn’t bring the shakes and has no crash.

Nootropics are, at a minimum, worth exploring. Nothing to lose. So much to be gained.

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