How Nootropics May Help You In Social Settings

We live in a somewhat chaotic world where our attention is being pushed and pulled in a million different directions - or at least it feels like it can be at times. A few of the major factors that we can be affected by when we are “spread too thin” are mood swings, overwhelm and a lack of energy.

While these feelings should not be avoided altogether or forcibly altered, there are ways in which you can take the edge off and is both legal and healthy. The Socialite - Confidence & mood cognitive enhancer is one such way/supplement that can help level out your mood when things seem like they might be too much to handle. When you are in a better mood, you typically perform better all around, but especially when in a social setting.

Here is why and when you should consider getting this product for yourself.

1. You feel overwhelmed when in social settings: Feeling a little shy or reserved when in a social setting (especially one that is new to you) is quite normal, especially for introverts. But in order to progress in business and in life you will need to get past that.

We are social creatures and the reality is most things get done while in a social setting. If you can’t position yourself to perform well within these types of settings: i.e. expos, conferences, networking events, boardroom meetings etc. then you may be limiting your success.

2. You lack of confidence: How do we gain more confidence? We won’t attempt to answer this in full detail as we would not want to do this topic a complete disservice, but in short, our belief is that the easiest way to increase your confidence in any subject is to just get out there and do something!

Confidence stems from two primary functions: 1. Experience 2. Knowledge - which is usually a by product of gaining experience. As you gain more experience, which increases your knowledge/awareness, you in turn gain more confidence.

3. You lack energy: Okay, lets say that your anxiety has been reduced and you no longer feel overwhelmed when participating in social functions. And you’ve now built up enough confidence to “show up” and be the best version of yourself when you are actually at the social event. Well, then what if you just don’t have the mental energy because you’ve already put in a 10-12 hour workday?…

The reality is we all have a limited amount of willpower and energy. If we’ve exhausted it all by doing other stuff earlier in the day, then that networking event that is at 8:30pm may seem like the last thing you want to go to. But, what if you make a connection that can shift your entire business and or life in a positive direction. You don’t want to miss out on that opportunity because you don’t have the energy.

So what’s the solution? Firstly, a good diet, plenty of sleep and proper hydration are all going to be the best and most important things to focus on. After you’ve checked the boxes in those areas and are still left feeling a little sluggish and off, then you may want to consider supplementation.

The Socialite - Confidence & mood cognitive enhancer contains 10 properly dosed ingredients that work synergistically to help reduce anxiety, increase mood (provides a pronounced sense of well-being), and increases mental energy. This, in addition to a good diet and exercise program will position you to show up as your best self when in social settings, thus increasing your social capital. 

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