Natural vs Synthetic Nootropics



People have been attempting to improve the functionality of their brain for a long time. The idea of taking a simple supplement in order to gain greater mental capacity or a competitive edge is not new. Both the ancient Chinese and Indians developed their own stimulants. They were derived from natural sources. In fact, the earliest historical accounts tell of usage some 5000 years ago.

Today we call these stimulants cognitive enhancement supplements. These “smart drugs”, as they are often referred to, are being used by millions of people around the world on a regular basis. Nootropics are thought to exhibit improved cognitive improvements with little or no side effects.


In defining these enhancements, experts are quick to point out that the improvements are in brain function efficiency and capacity - either by increasing the number of neurotransmitters, coaxing the blood to flow more freely, or by setting the stage for better production of brain cells.

While such supplements will always be sought after, there are questions as to the types of nootropics one should be taking. The questions primarily revolve around the differences between natural and synthetic nootropics. What are the differences? What are the benefits of each? What are the dangers, if any?

The Similarities

We begin with the similarities. According to those who use them; both natural and synthetic nootropics provide the benefits they claim. It is not uncommon to find young professionals using these enhancers in order to be more effective in their careers. The same is true on college campuses across the globe. We are talking about mainstream people here. You can find these people taking both the natural and synthetic versions.

And why not? Both the natural and synthetic versions (often called Racetams) are deemed to be effective. Both are known to administer the effects as promised. Clearer, faster thinking. Better memory. Unclouded functionality. Strong ability to focus.

The Differences

When it comes to the differences, there really aren’t a too many major differences that we know of. Natural or herbal nootropics are any type of plant based or plant derived substances that have been shown to improve brain health and activity. In general, natural nootropics have been less effective than their synthetic cousins when taken in the same size dosage. But, often times the natural supplements are taken in larger dose to create a stronger effect. Both natural and synthetic nootropics are safe to use and have little to no known side effects; a true nootropic is by definition, neuroprotective.


When it comes to the benefits of both natural and synthetic nootropics, the millions of people who take them each and every day have demonstrated their effectiveness by their success. While there are very little, to no known negatives to taking either nootropic supplements, the positives have been greatly outlined through first-hand accounts.

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