Nootropics And Sports Nutrition


Seven billion.

That’s approximately how many people live on this earth right now. Seven billion humans!

That’s quite a few people that you are up against and potentially competing with...

Think you don’t need all the help you can get to compete at a high level? Think again. Think the nearly 7 billion people aren’t trying to edge you out? The harsh reality is it is a dog-eat-dog world out there.

When we talk about nootropics we're typically talking about enhancements that are primarily aimed to improve brain activity and performance. Historically speaking, the ancient Chinese were pursuing intellectual advantages when they were first using nootropics centuries ago. Today, the number of people utilizing nootropics for mental stimulation is skyrocketing and for good reason.

But while the popularity of nootropics for brain performance is on the rise, what you may not know, is that there is also a movement in the nootropic world, not for mental enhancement, but for physical.

Some nootropics are taken individually and found to be effective as such. More recently though, many people (biohackers) are taking more than one nootropic at a time, a practice known as stacking. Some compounds are simple, just two or three ingredients. But there are also cases whereby some users are stacking as many as 12 or 15 substances.

In recent years, some studies have shown that some of these “smart drugs” give not only an intellectual boost, but also a physical one.

Here are some of the ways that users have found differing nootropics to improve their athletic performance. The results might shock you.

One series of running and swimming-based exercises (20 mile run; 2 mile swim) was able to show significant improvement in both endurance and stamina, and that overall fatigue was greatly reduced by subjects who were offered two grams of Choline, an enhancement typically associated with mental performance objectives.

Changes in Body Mass
A 2008 study showed measurable changes in body mass. Subjects who used Choline saw increases in muscle mass and decreases in fat content.

The study also showed that these nootropics could bring significant increases in physical strength. Seven men, with two or more years of resistance training, were given a single dose of a nootropic substance ninety minutes prior to exercise, which included 6 sets of 10 repetitions of resistance training. The results were clear and obvious and showed an average increase in power of 14% - Alpha GPC is particularly effective at helping to stimulate the production of human growth hormone.

Physical Coordination
Yet another study showed nootropic substances improved athlete’s eye-hand coordination. Researchers also found subjects saw faster reaction times and better ability to control limb movement.

So, the effects of nootropics are vast. And sometimes, unanticipated results occur, as we have seen with these physical implications when the original intentions were aimed at the brain.

It should also be noted that these pleasant surprises have actually gone both ways. Other studies have shown that those who were using the nootropic Creatine for physical enhancements also found that they saw dramatic improvement in cognitive performance and memory.

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