Nootropics: Supercharge Your Brain


Most of us believe scientists when they tell us that we don’t get the most out of our gray matter.

Study after study tells of unmet potential. Some have suggested that we only use 10% of our brain’s capacity. Unused power. Wasted energy. Well, whether that number is 10% or 80%, I’m sure we can all agree that there is much more processing power we can harness from our minds?

Movie-makers are playing with our heads, when it comes to our brains. Viewers sit on the edge of their seats to contemplate the, well, unthinkable. Increased mental capacity. So, is it real or is it fiction?

The current wave in brain waves right now is that of nootropics. Nootropics are supplements that are intended to improve and enhance cognitive activity. And, while there are modern and contemporary aspects, history tells us that Chinese medicine was developing an understanding of nootropics some 5000 years ago.

So, what’s the truth about nootropics? What do we need to know?

What nootropics are not

A way to Increase Your IQ

Unfortunately, that is not going to happen. Nootropics don’t make any physiological changes to your brain. Your dose of mental matter is at full measure for you. It is what it is. Nootropics simply help you get the most out of what the Good Lord gave you. However, by increasing cognitive function, your brain will operate at a much higher level of efficiency.


While there are two distinct recognized categories of nootropics (natural and synthetic), both are derived from natural sources such as minerals, herbs and plants of all kinds. This means that you are safe to experiment with nootropics to see if they are right for you.


Today’s nootropics are not too expensive to consider. Competition has increased, keeping the cost at a manageable level. Besides, what is it worth to you to get a leg up on the competition?


There is a reason that top business leaders are using these products on a regular basis. They work. Our lives have become like rat-races in some respects. Every day is packed with intensity and the need to be more and more competitive. Well, not to compete, mind you, but to win. And to win big. Nootropics provide you with that extra boost to throw you over the top.

Common Effects of Using Nootropics

Sharper Thinking

Better clarity of thought. Easier to find, connect and use words. You will be able to organize your thoughts and focus on the task at hand without distraction.

Less Sluggish

No longer having that feeling that your brain is hour glassing.

Quicker Access to Data

Increased level of RAM (Random-access memory).

Better Connection

Improved vocal control and cognitive function, perception and understanding – enabling you to better communicate.

Better Memory

Easier to store and access data.

We live in a world of harsh deadlines. Pressure is everywhere. Not only do you have to be better than your competition, you have to be faster. You need more time in your day. Somehow, you need to accomplish more work in less time. Pack more into each minute. Nootropics help you do just that.

At the end of the day you want to feel good about your work and your life. Nootropics can help with that, too. Remember, your feelings and emotions are terrible leaders but great followers. As your brain functions properly, and as you accomplish more in your daily life, naturally, you will feel better than ever before.

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