Polyphenols And Their Impact On Mental Health

There has been much speculation in the last few years about the validity of Polyphenols as a nootropic supplement. The scientific community, in their various studies have come up with a number of uses for Polyphenols in the body, more specifically, the mind. Here are a few such advantages of Polyphenols with regards to mental health. The main thing to note here is that a lot of scientific studies can be interpreted differently and in some cases, sadly overestimated as to their effects.

Food and Mental Health

While it is obvious that most people are aware of physical health and its direct connection to what we eat, few know that there is a direct connection to mental health as well. Food and the compounds it contains can have a direct and measurable effect on the psyche. If you do not eat as many fruits and vegetables as you should, you may be contributing to your own depressive state of mind.


Polyphenols are a type of compound that is found in most fruits and vegetables. There is evidence that having the right amounts of it can help combat depression and strengthen mental health. Polyphenols are strong antioxidants that can also be synthesized, apart from being naturally occurring.

How it Works

While Polyphenols are mostly targeted at the mental health benefits, they are also known for their role in combating heart diseases. Their cancer fighting properties are yet to be fully studied, but they have been quite successful in certain population subgroups with varying degrees of success. Osteoporosis and diabetes are also areas in which Polyphenols are being used right now. It is also noteworthy that Polyphenols are not compounds that are readily absorbed by the body and have to be bound with other chemicals to make the delivery of product useable.

If you are interested in biohacking and nootropics in the form of supplements, you might want to try out Polyphenols. It has the potential to help you with your moods as well as your physical health in general.

The above article is not intended to be therapeutic or diagnostic in any way. It is not to be taken over the words of a medical doctor. While these OTC drugs are common and for the most part safe, you are better off consulting with your doctor before you take them on a day to day. The article is mainly informative and designed to make the reader aware of such nootropic supplements.
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