The Truth About Nootropics

We live in a competitive world. Everyone is looking for a competitive edge.

The 1990’s were a PR nightmare for Major League Baseball. Most of the best players in the world were found to have been using banned substances in order to improve their play. Players who typically hit fifteen home-runs each season suddenly hit fifty. Fifty! Records that had stood since the 1920s were dropping like flies. Something was too good about these guys.

The same has been true in other sports, like track and field. Or, football. Arms, necks and chests were getting dramatically and inexplicably, bigger. And stronger. Don’t we all want a competitive edge? But, at what cost? At what risk?

Today, the issue isn’t just physical. Now, it’s mental.

Upgrading Your Brain

People are seeking an edge in their thinking. After-all, the times change so fast these days that your thought process has to be functioning at full capacity in order to beat the competition to the finish line, especially in technology where every single day counts in the race for domination. Never before have the margins been so slim. Even the slightest edge can change everything. A little bump could mean making or losing a million bucks.

There are still the traditional coffee drinkers who pound the caffeine and green tea to stay alert and focused as long as possible. Or, the 5 Hour Energy folks, or Red Bull battalion. There are millions of these people who are serious about boosting their mental game. About finding new and better ways to improve their speed and clarity of thought. And the enhancements that we are talking about are known as nootropics.

Trending Now

Nootropics have gained enormous momentum in recent months. This stuff is popular. Not in the shadows, but in the penthouses. Young execs, entrepreneurs and IT leaders are using nootropics on a regular basis and they stand by the results. Again, better alertness, sharper thinking, and less sleep needed.

Au Naturale?

Within the topic of nootropics is yet another discussion… natural or synthetic (also known as Racetams). Natural nootropics are those that are derived directly from plant sources. While, synthetics are comprised of both plant extracts and some added ingredients, vitamins and minerals from other sources.


Users claim that they are seeing desired results with no side-effects, which, actually, flies in the face of nay-sayers. Medical researchers cannot even seem to find a downside. Well, let’s be clear; nootropics do not fit in with the world of chemical enhancements. They are deemed safe with no real negative side effects to speak of.

Everyone wants a little extra help. Who doesn’t want their brain to operate at full capacity? This is a great concept! The Chinese started the nootropic ball rolling some 5000 years ago and it is still helping millions today.

The Truth

The truth about nootropics is this: You really can receive the mental and cognitive enhancements you want without the stigma and dangers of using any banned substances.

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