The Ultimate Alternative To Caffeine

Your morning cup of Joe can be healthy or unhealthy—at least not in equal proportion, but over-dependence on coffee/caffeine can be bad for you. You might be pleased to learn that there are no serious side effects to consuming coffee. However, withdrawal from caffeine can be a bit of a nuisance. So, if you are the “I can’t function properly without my morning cup of coffee” or if circumstances dictate that you do away with caffeine (for instance pregnancy or medical prescriptions) in your diet, then you might be interested in using nootropics to help hold you over.

What are nootropics? The answer to this is very simple. You basically cannot quit coffee or if you did you might be sick or the world might just come to an end, right? You are downright addicted to coffee and have to drop it like a bad habit it is. Unlike alcohol and other drugs that you have to completely do away with, caffeine addiction can be neutralized with alternatives. These caffeine alternatives or cognitive enhancing supplements used to improve concentration and boost memory power are what we call nootropics or otherwise “smart drugs.” These smart drugs can replicate/mimic caffeine effects, if used in right proportions.

How do they work?
Nootropics work in large part by boosting your overall brain function. They do this by increasing the production and signaling of various neurotransmitters. Because the brain handles pretty much everything in a human being, such as sleeping, or even lifting a finger, it can sometimes tire and render other more important tasks tough. You might feel unable to concentrate when studying for an exam paper or going through the last steps of a serious work project. Nootropics aid neurotransmitters in sending signals more efficiently leading to improved concentration, better memory, increased processing ability for mental work, mood elevation and longer attention spans.

Benefits of Nootropics
Handling stress – Caffeine withdrawal comes with its share of irritating symptoms, like stress. This is not the general stress associated with say, too many responsibilities either at work or at home. This kind usually comes as headaches and brain fog (in other cases one might experience extreme cold, lack of calories etc.). Nootropics may help in reducing these types of stresses. Anecdotal evidence has shown that these smart drugs can act as effective tools for increasing mental performance under periods of stress.

Focus and concentration – Many people take coffee because it increases their focus and concentration. Sure, there are those who take it for its great taste—you might have heard someone say “their coffee tastes awful.” However, the primary benefit for taking coffee is its ability to improve focus and concentration. Most people are able to maintain a higher level of productivity either in class or at work. Nootropics are a great alternative and can be very powerful compared to caffeine. This means higher levels of focus and concentration and thus even better productivity.

These supplements are safe and effective when used as directed, however, if you are pregnant or nursing, never begin any supplement regimen without first consulting your doctor.
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