What Are Fat Eating Proteins?

Scientists have identified and isolated a type of protein that may trigger the breakdown of fat. It may be a major breakthrough in the pursuit of a solution for what is one of the most common death causing diseases in the western world (diabetes); in the US, it is the 7th leading cause of death.

While there are a number of Nootropics and biohacking methods including supplementation that can help people control and live with certain ailments such as diabetes, actually reversing its effects in the body is near impossible so far. While there are a number of experimental treatments such as diet/nutrition change that have varying degrees of success when it comes to treatments, there is no conclusive cure for the disease.

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

At this time, a team from the UT Southwestern medical center- Baylor college of medicine has stumbled upon a type of protein that can effectively breakdown fat cells. Its fat dissolving properties can be used, they believe to work on a real long term solution, including the reversal of the effects of fat in the body. It may be a proper treatment, in the long term for diabetes.

How it works

There are a numerous compounds that make up a fat cell, this include a good number of proteins both on the outside as well as inside the actual cell. The protein in question here, called Perilipin 5, is a regulator of fat and its metabolism. It is found both on the outside of the fat cell as well as in some cases, inside the cell. It is also found in the nucleus which was quite surprising, as a doctor from the team has said. He went on to say how with obese people, fat can end up in or on tissue that is not originally intended or designed to hold fat like the heart, liver, and even skeletal muscle.

Breaking down this large amount of fat can take a toll on the metabolic system in the body. Overloading the system with fat is akin to flooding an engine with fuel, it is just not going to work. When this happens, fats eventually become toxic to the cells they are seated on, leading to insulin resistance.

Whether this finding makes it to mainstream medicine or not is something that only time will tell, till then old school biohacking techniques like exercise & nutrition, coupled with new age nootropic supplementation may be the best and only way to help burn fat in the body, keeping you fit and healthy.
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