Our Story


Bobby and Maggie Dalton


It all started in 2005…

Co-founder and CEO (Bobby Dalton) was first introduced to supplementation by a co-worker named Ben, and things forever shifted for Bobby after that - thanks Ben!

That first taste of the supplement world came by way of a pre-workout called N.O. Xplode. For those of you that have been around the supp game for a while, probably know of, have taken or maybe even tried this as your first pre-workout as well.

Well, after being introduced to a pretty decent pre-workout, Bobby started seeing a renewed interest and drive to hit the gym.

You see, Bobby was always into working out and fitness. It dates back to his early high school years in weights class where the desire to workout stemmed primarily from besting his buddies and getting girls…

Anyhow, that interest was always innate, but it never really came alive until that first sip of N.O. Xplode. This pre-workout not only gave Bobby a renewed interest in working out and hitting the gym (mostly due to the caffeine), but there was a strange yet compelling byproduct of taking this pre-workout…

Bobby now had like-minded people that he could talk to about working out, supplementation and developing physically and mentally.

It was an exciting time where he was meeting new people, sharing “best-practices” aka lifting techniques, and exchanging favorite supplement formulas/blends.     

This was truly a life changing experience and point in time for Bobby.

He didn’t realize it at the time and it took many years for it to sink in, but supplementation would reveal itself to be Bobby’s life path. You see, after a little while of buying and taking just about every supplement you could find on the shelves of your local GNC or online at BB.com, Bobby starting noticing a pattern…

With respect, he noticed that the majority of major brands were under-dosing and over pricing their supplements. It got to the point where Bobby was buying a well known supplement, then buying the raw ingredients to add to or supplement his supplement…

He was literally adding in the raw ingredients to an existing product to get it to the efficacious or clinical dose.

In an effort to make an already long story shorter, there was a pattern where most supplement companies were under-dosing, overpricing and hiding behind proprietary blends.  

After years of customizing and experimenting with his own supplementation formulas, it wasn't until Bobby married the love of his life (Maggie), that he received the push he needed to start developing and offering his own formulas.

Although his friends, colleagues and fellow gym goers were all taking his custom formulas and loving them, it wasn't until Maggie came along and helped instill the confidence he needed to share his ideas with the world.

After a decades worth of frustration with the status quo, experimentation with cutting edge ingredients, lots of spent money on supplementation, and a healthy dose of trial & error, it’s all led to this point…

The introduction of Bobby and Maggie's first flagship product; The High Performer.

To learn more about this revolutionary supplement, visit the product detail page by clicking the link below:


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